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Love and Action

Dec. 5, 2019By: Ben Bonnett  ›  Author Bio

IMG_6530So much goes on every day at CSC and CCHS. Kids are comforted when they are scared or sad. Kids are fed (no small task when that means preparing over 200 meals a day). Kids are educated and encouraged to persevere when the lessons are challenging. And so much more!

Of all the things we do at CSC, what is our highest priority?

For the past month at CCHS we have been preparing for our biggest event of the year, our Christmas play. The teachers have been spending a lot of extra time to prepare the set, figure out the choreography, and help the students memorize their lines. The students have been practicing the 12 songs they have to memorize as well as the actions. Many hours have gone into preparing for this event. Why?

IMG_6516_2Our highest priority at CSC is for the kids in our care to learn about God, who they can tangibly see through our actions. 1 Corinthians 13 talks about how love needs to be the driving force for all we do or our efforts will be ineffective. James 1:27 directs this love, especially, to vulnerable children and adults. At the intersection of love and action is CSC.

John, a 9 year old boy who CSC recently rescued from living alone on the streets of Cebu, is part of our choir for the upcoming Christmas play. His first real glimpse of God is through the songs and message of this play. As he learns these songs about God becoming a baby because He loves us, John will experience the physical-ness of these words through the care he gets at CSC.

IMG_6523We are able to show God's love to these great kids because of you. Thank you for supporting this ministry so kids like John who have experienced some of the worst of life can sleep safely at night, knowing that God is always with them and tomorrow will be a great day.

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Bible Time

Nov. 18, 2019By: Cris Tabra (principal)

"The Bible in the memory is better than the Bible in the book case."          -Spurgeon

Every week students at Cebu Children of Hope School memorize Scriptures assigned by the Bible Time Coordinators. Then we meet once a month for a whole school gathering to share the verses that the students' memorize and answer the Bible Trivia questions.

Memorizing verses in a group encourages our students and holds them accountable to really do it. It is always a joy to see their excitement in saying the verses independently or with the group. The teachers play a vital role in challenging them and coaching them, making sure they have the right words. For the entire month of October they memorized Psalms 119:20-27, learning two verses each week.

Bible_Trivia_2019.11.8_7Our goal is for our students to keep God's Word in their hearts and for them recall the Scriptures they have memorized, claiming God's promises. As they go through life's challenges and joys our hope is for them to learn to praise God and thank Him for His great plans. They have been through a lot before coming to Children's Shelter of Cebu. Who knows what they have been through while they are here with us and will be going through when they move on to the next chapter of their lives. It is always comforting to know that God never leaves us nor forsake us.

Bible_Trivia_2019.11.8_6Join us in memorizing Scriptures and let God's Word encourage you and remind you of how great is our God. Life is an adventure with a lot of choices to make. If we are deeply rooted in His word nothing should move us away from His will.


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A Fishing We Go!

Nov. 4, 2019By: Kristine Bendol  ›  Author Bio

Teaching preschool learners is different from any other grade level at Cebu Children of Hope School (CCHS). There is a big difference from higher-level classrooms where you'll find profound discussions and group work to preschool's less serious, learning through play environment.

One of the lessons we had in Science was all about magnets. At our first meeting I explained to them how magnets work with the help of a flip-chart and an educational video. After, I showed them some magnets and how they attract objects that have metal.

The following day it was the time to apply what we had learned from the previous day. I gave them a checklist of objects. Together we found out if the objects were magnetic or nonmagnetic. The learners had fun doing the activity because they found out that not all objects are magnetic. Eureka!

20191014_165531-c1eb8To culminate the lesson we incorporated play into learning. The students went fishing! Yes, you read it right, "f i s h i n g." As what O. Fred Donaldson said, "Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn."

"Are you ready to go fishing?" I asked my preschoolers after we had a quick review about how magnets work and what they did yesterday.

"Yehey! We will go outside!" said one of the learners.

"Are we going to the Safari?" another learner asked.

I told them that we don't need to go outside just to do a fishing activity. "We will bring the fishing activity in the classroom!" I said and the learners giggled with excitement.

How was it done? Simple. I made an improvised fishing rod with the use of a ruler, yarn, and a magnet as a hook. And with the fish, I printed a fish template in different colors and attached a paper clip to the mouth. The science curriculum in CCHS helped me a lot in initiating the activity since it gives suggestions on how to enhance and apply the lesson in different learning areas.

20191014_103802At the end of the activity, Learner D caught 12 fish, Learner J and A each got 8 fish, and Learner L hooked 6 fish.

20191014_104009Who would have thought that learning about magnets could be amusing and insightful!


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Countless Adventures

   Every month and every week there are lots of great things happening at our school, the Cebu Children of Hope School. One of these great things, the Reading Challenge, has been ongoing this month. This year's theme is a quote from the author, Mary Pope Osborne, which states that "reading is a passport to countless adventures." 


   For this month-long activity the teachers from each grade creatively planned a goal for their students to reach as part of the Reading Challenge. All the students took the challenge seriously while at the same time still enjoyed reading. The thrilling activity lasted for almost five weeks! The most awaited part for the students was on October 11th when we had the Reading Challenge Culminating Activity. During this event the teachers announced the names of the students who reached their class goals as well as the winner from each class. The gathering was very exciting! All the students were celebrated for their hard work and encouraged to continue on "countless adventures" through reading more books. Everyone received a snack as their reward and the winner from each class also received a new book. Those students who reached their class goals got to stay after school to watch a movie.


   We are blessed to have a wonderful library at CCHS, something that most schools in Cebu don't have. So many people have donated to our library through the years and our kids have greatly benefited from these excellent books. The Reading Challenge excited our students to continue to check out books every Wednesday so they can have more adventures and learn new things through a book.

DSC01450-e7bd8    Our students at CCHS love reading and it is very apparent. We, their teachers, are so proud of them and are excited for the new adventures they will go on this year!

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Cleaning and Healing

Oct. 8, 2019By: Alfie Abella (Teacher)

   One day I was kind of overwhelmed from thinking about some of the misbehavior issues I was dealing with in my classroom. When I walked outside I found a glass bottle that was full of dirt. An idea came to my mind. I thought about how the dirt-filled bottle related to the students in my class. I realized that the bottle would not be clean if the dirt stayed inside. The same is true with my students. When they misbehave it's like they're releasing the dirt inside their hearts and minds which came from bad experiences in their childhood. After they release this, they are easier to talk with and are willing to accept help. The students misbehaved because they didn't know how to release their hurt in a more healthy way.

     As a trauma-informed Christian teacher, it is important for me to guide my students in helpful ways to release their "messiness" which can hinder their development as a whole, God-created person. When we clean a filthy glass bottle we let the dirt out of it so we can refill it with clean water. My students need help in processing through and releasing the messy things that have happened to them. Their misbehavior gives me a picture of the hurt they feel inside. I always pray to God for wisdom and strength so I can help my students and I know God has a purpose for me in working with these great kids.


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