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Thank you for digging deeper into what we do. Stories abound at CSC. You can read them here in our staff blog, in some special stories of our children and in testimonials, videos and pictures.

Staff Blog Post: What a Success!

By: Lyrah Catingub (Teacher)

The fourth quarter of the school year was about to start and we decided to move up some students who were academically progressing to a new grade level. I was delighted, excited, and yet a little bit nervous thinking that I would have a new student who is intelligent, gifted, and   […]   Read More »

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One Child’s Story: From the Dumpsite to Pennsylvania

Going to the local dumpsite to try and earn a living by finding saleable items is a desperate move for a young teenager. But hunger, despair, and the responsibility of caring for younger siblings can cause a young person to do what he would otherwise not dream of doing. Such was   […]   Read More »

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We feel so very grateful to God for the work you all do and are honored to be a part of it!

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