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School Origin

In the early years of our work we had to rely on public schools to educate our children. This didn't work well. Class sizes averaged 50 students and the educational system wasn't geared to the needs and challenges of the children we serve. We noticed many of our kids slipping through the cracks. Even just getting everyone to the right school and back home again was a logistical nightmare. We saw the need for our own school.

God directed word-of-mouth promotion to provide for the construction of our school in 1997. Through financial support of friends in the United States and Hong Kong, CSC had purchased land near to the shelter location and we were estimating that we would need to raise about $250,000 to build a school. Co-founder, Paul Healy, remembers:

"I was putting together a fundraising brochure which outlined a three-phase fundraising scheme to come up with the needed funds. The plan would take a few years and would seek gifts of various sizes from our supporters."

A few days after mentioning our need for a school with a missionary passing through Cebu, Paul got a phone call from the office of a friend whom the missionary had stayed with in Manila. This friend and his wife had heard about the school and without knowing the expense, wanted to donate $250,000. In God's amazing timing, the amount they were prepared to donate was almost the exact amount that we were estimating our school building would cost!

"Suddenly, in a matter of a few minutes, my brochure was useless. Not worthless, because I don't think God was mocking my efforts by letting me finish the brochure before providing the funds through another source. I think He expects us to work hard and use our minds and talents in striving towards a goal. But in the end, He was reminding me, and everyone at CSC, that the ministry is His. And He would ultimately provide the funds." Paul Healy

Without any fundraising on our part, God miraculously gave someone the vision for meeting our need and provided all the funds necessary to build our Children of Hope School.