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Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child changes the life of a child. You ensure their needs are met, providing food, medicine, counseling and a sense of belonging.

At the $30 level, you are helping to provide for your sponsored child
At the $50 level, you are providing a crucial counseling opportunity
At the $75 level, you are covering the cost of all your sponsored child's needed medical care
At the $135 level, you are feeding your child for the entire month

Meet some of our residents

2-year-old girl
16-year-old boy
7-year-old boy
16-year-old boy
14-year-old boy
8-year-old boy
13-year-old boy
22-year-old girl
9-year-old boy
22-year-old boy
20-year-old girl
19-year-old boy
16-year-old boy
11-year-old boy
16-year-old boy
14-year-old boy
13-year-old boy

You may be an individual, family or church group - people who desire a relationship with the ministry of CSC through an involvement in the life of a child. You will be given a picture and background information on how your child came to live at CSC. You will receive regular updates and new pictures throughout the year. If your child is old enough, he or she will send you an occasional letter.

In order to maximize the value of your gift it will be combined with others, meaning also that a single child may be supported by multiple individuals, forming an "extended family" of support for your child.

You might notice that some of the children listed on our page are older residents. If a child is not adopted and cannot return to their birth family, we continue to help them to emancipate. This might mean furthering their education, seeking job training and/or entering mainstream life in the Philippines. We also have a few residents with major special needs who will live with us for their entire lives. 


My family started child sponsorship at the Children's Shelter of Cebu in 2006. When we decided to give through the Foster Friends program, we had no idea how much we would get back.

Our boys were five, seven and 10 years old when we were assigned a girl named Adelyn at the shelter. She became a bigger part of our lives than we could have imagined! We loved every update on how she was progressing and would gather around if a card came from her, even bringing them with us to show extended family. We hung her picture up with the pictures of our own children. Everyone in our family cared about and prayed for Adelyn.

It was a day of celebration when we learned Adelyn was being adopted. She had been at the shelter for 9 years hoping and waiting for that day. And, just a little over a month later, we went to the CSC banquet in Minnesota. I couldn't believe it when I walked in and the first person I saw was Adelyn. Our whole family got to meet her, her sisters and her parents.

We couldn't have asked for the kind of connection we got with Adelyn, but we are so thankful to have it. We are also excited to be supporting another child at CSC. I know it has made all of us better to be a part of Foster Friends at CSC!

Mike & Amanda Ryan
Foster Friend Supporters