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About Us

CSC_Full_Size_1f3a64960dWhat We Do

Children's Shelter of Cebu operates four homes for 75-100 abandoned, neglected and abused children in Cebu City, Philippines. CSC is about restoring lives. We've been doing so since 1979 by ministering to each child holistically. We provide food, shelter and medicine, but also schooling, counseling and relationships that foster healing. CSC is a Christian interdenominational ministry.

What Sets CSC Apart

  • CSC is committed to caring for children with special needs. 25-50% of our children have special needs, ranging from blindness to developmental disabilities. 
  • CSC is committed to keeping siblings together. We take in many sibling groups, including sibling groups up to nine!  
  • CSC has served over 900 orphaned children and over 600 CSC children have been adopted in 14 countries since 1979.