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A Unique Approach

Lyrah_blog_1Cebu Children of Hope School (CCHS) educates children of all ages prior to the high school educational level. Our dedicated approach to academic development is one of the primary reasons we are able to place older children successfully in adoptive homes. It allows children to arrive in new schools at, or closer to, their age-appropriate level. We have even had children excel at a national testing level.

science_1ead93459c1Our curriculum is English-based and CCHS operates with three academic levels. Advancement into a new level is based more around mastery of content than age or peer cohort. Our students are excited about school and their relationships with teachers extend beyond the classroom walls with many teachers attending special life events like birthday parties. Because of the unique needs of our children, the student-teacher ratio is about 5:1.

The opportunity for CSC to develop a school is an amazing story and you can read about it here if you'd like. We are very blessed to be able to equip our children with high quality education. CCHS is licensed by the Philippine Department of Education.