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Apr. 25, 2018By: Marlys Healy  ›  Author Bio

Please pray for one of our employees, Sonia "Suzette", who had a mild stroke last night and is currently at a local hospital. Thank you.


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Lena keeps on washing

Apr. 18, 2018By: Paul Healy  ›  Author Bio
                                                                             Next year we will be celebrating the 40th year of CSC's ministry in Cebu. The actual anniversary date would be May 4 as that was the day in 1979 that three of us stepped off that plane at the Cebu airport. But in March of next year there will be another important anniversary at CSC. March 1 will mark 30 years of faithful service for one of our most stalwart employees, Elena Gomera. Lena has been washing clothes at CSC for all of those 30 years. Through good times and bad, in good and bad weather, during times of political unrest and financial difficulty, Elena has washed clothes. No matter what else our kid need, they need clean clothes to wear. The babies need clean diapers. School kids need clean uniforms. Beds need clean sheets and pillow cases. Lena has provided that. Its by no means a glamorous job. She might be the most "taken for granted" worker at CSC. Most of her time she is in the washroom, unseen by the kids, staff and visitors. But she is washing, load after load, eight hours a day, six days a week. We are fortunate to have an employee like Lena who is faithful, dependable and solid. Thanks Lena for a job well done for almost 30 years!


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Calling All Mathematicians and Scientists!

Mar. 9, 2018By: Ben Bonnett  ›  Author Bio


     There was A LOT of excitement at Cebu Children of Hope School this past Friday as the children participated in math and science culminating activities. In the morning were the math activities. The children were divided up into four teams (Levels A1 through C3) and they did a "math relay." The first station was the puzzle station where the children had to work together as a team to put together a puzzle showing a famous mathematician (Euclid, Descartes, Newton, and Pascal). After they completed the puzzle each person on the team had to answer an "easy" math question in order to then proceed to station two. At this station the students had to grab different random objects that, combined, would measure exactly one meter. A math question concluded this station as well but this time it was a "medium" math question. At the third station the team leader had to guide each team member as he/she walked on a line blindfolded. This was followed by every child having to answer a "difficult" math question in order to proceed to the last station called Across the River.

IMG_2093-60906IMG_2089-50446     The afternoon was equally exciting as the children competed in science activities. My favorite one was the Ping Pong Hop. Each student had to blow a ping pong ball from one cup to the next, with the successive cups being further away from each other. The other science-themed activities were building a paper tower that could withstand the weight of 5 heavy books, making water rise using a cup and a candle, and a version of cup stacking that tested the children's quickness. 

IMG_2097-ba84d     I am surrounded by a great team of teachers who work together to make CCHS a remarkable school, giving kids the skills they need so God can use them in great ways. If you are reading this and you have never visited CSC, please contact our Minnesota office. It is a trip you will never regret!


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Carnival fun with CBC

Mar. 4, 2018By: Paul Healy  ›  Author Bio

Carnival Fun

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Although the Central Baptist team that was here recently came primarily to do a camp for our kids, they also helped us put on a spectacular carnival. Our kids were joined by the younger children of our workers, and were treated to booths prepared by our Child Development team, led by CD Director Eunice. There was face painting, a lollipop tree, bowling, a toilet paper toss, a fun bouncing space ship, a clothespin drop and build-a-crafts. Food booths included cotton candy, popcorn and ice cream. There was even a horse drawn carriage ride for the younger kids. It was a great day with amazing weather, and lots of energy from the Central team.

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Stick To It


"We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough."         -Helen Keller

The level A1 class has just finished the theme STICK TO IT. As a part of our wrap-up activity, the kids tried their best to build houses out of cards.

They enjoyed the activity and they all wanted to build houses, even if it wasn't easy. There were times when the cards tumbled down and sometimes it was hard to make them stand but these kids were eager to achieve their goals. They always told themselves to keep on trying and to never give up.

After several attempts and construction success, a huge smile on their faces showed that the "stick to it" attitude was worth it!


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