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Anniversary Bash in Cebu this June 28 - 29

Jul. 9, 2019By: Paul Healy  ›  Author Bio

Anniversary Bash in Cebu on June 28 - 29

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All Our Days

Jul. 7, 2019By: Paul Healy  ›  Author Bio

This video kind of sums up the feelings of Marlys and me about the history of CSC. For 14,600 days, He has been with us. He is the God of all our days!

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40 Years of Fun

May. 15, 2019By: Paul Healy  ›  Author Bio

CSC will be celebrating 40 years of ministry on June 28 and 29 here in Cebu City. Plan to be with us for this exciting and meaningful look at how this ministry has grown and thrived since our inception in 1979. We will be celebrating the goodness of God and the contributions of the many people who have given of themselves to make many good things happen here.  Check out our videos that give a taste of the celebration. 

Video Trailer  40 Years of Performances

40 Years of Great Kids  40 Years of Twins

40 Years of Adoptions   40 Years of Fun


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Green CSC

Mar. 21, 2019By: Paul Healy  ›  Author Bio

DSC06103-62b4dCheck out the changing look of CSC. Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the Cherne and Eicher Homes and at the school. This will save us thousands of dollars in electric bills every month. It has changed the look of the houses, especilly the Cherne Home. But the savings will  soften the blow a little.  At CSC we want to be good stewards of the money that God has entrusted to us and that comes from friends like you. Money saved here will be available for food, medicine and the education of our children.  

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2018 Highlights

Jan. 3, 2019By: Paul Healy  ›  Author Bio

CSC Higlights of 2018


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