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Kite Flying Season!

Apr. 14, 2013By: Tammy Vosika

Continuing on with the theme of kites!  Recently, I spent an afternoon hanging out with the kids at the shelter.  Almost immediately, Jhaycob ran up to me with a tangled-up pile of string.  He wanted me to untangle it so he could use it to fly his kite.  I began looking around the yard and it was incredible how many kids were playing with kites.  Some were making them, and others were busy untangling strings.  Some of the kids were the "holders" and others were the "runners".  Toddlers dragged plastic bags across the yard, and the older kids and houseparents had huge, fancy kites flying high in the sky!  Some of the kites even had writing on them: "Fly CSC", "Cherne WOW", and "WOW CSC"!  Enjoy a video of some of the different activities that were going on that day!

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