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Apr. 9, 2013By: Sandy Swanson

I just finished Frontline for the month of April (Frontline is for all our prayer warriors out there - if you are not getting Frontline and want to get it, sign up here.)   Because of Frontline,  I've been thinking about all the prayers we have seen answered over the years. God has certainly blessed CSC.  We know that God listens to and answers prayers.  We have found that God does not always give us exactly what we ask for, but often what he gives is better than we ask.  Of course there are prayers that are still unanswered and prayers that were denied...but we know that God is there and trust him to know what we REALLY need, not what we think we need.  

Tonight I was on duty at one of our homes.  These kids are real prayer warriors.  They love to pray.   There have been numerous prayer sessions that end up with a few kids falling asleep while some of the kids just keep thinking of more things to pray for.  Tonight we only had about 30 minutes to pray (school night you know) so I limited the kids to only 5 things to pray for.   Their choices were  #1 - The CSC Banquet    #2  That all the people who don't know Jesus will know him  #3 That we will all be safe always      #4 my friend Suzy who is going through a tough time after cancer surgery and Jane Anderson (they had to share a spot)   and #5 Thanking God for the people who pray for them.   I wish you could have heard their prayers.   I know God did.

I did sneak a few you can see a few kids were on to me.  That really is how the little ones always pray...hands together in front of them.


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