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Grace from God

Apr. 8, 2013By: Shari Reasoner

Over Easter weekend my husband and I drove from Minnesota to Louisiana to visit our daughter.  Before starting on the trip, I was unable to contact one of our former Children of Hope School teachers whom I knew lived in the Baton Rouge area.  Instead, Grace got hold of me and said she was more than willing to drive the 170 miles (one way) in order for us to see each other.  Later that night, Grace and her husband, Noel, sat in our hotel room reminiscing about former CSC kids and colleagues and sharing what we are doing now.  I had not seen Grace in about seven years.  It was a great time! 


As Grace and Noel were pulling away to drive home, I was struck by the incredible connections there are all over the world through the common thread of CSC.  Grace's life is forever woven into mine because we worked at CSC together.  We share common interests in the children we taught at Children of Hope and the people we worked with.  It was encouraging to hear how Grace is being used by God in a very different educational setting in the United States.  Seeing Grace again reminded me the CSC family is strong and I am richer for it. 

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