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A Happy Attitude Leads to Greatness

Jan. 18, 2024By: Alfie Abella (Teacher)

As the eldest of nine siblings, I was always responsible for most of the household tasks. I used to whine
about the chores my parents gave me. But then my father told me that no matter how simple a task is,
like picking up a spoon, if you don't put love into it, it will be difficult.

From that point forward, I used that simple concept to accomplish my goals, and I was pleased that I
was successful in several ways.

In my teaching career, I apply this through our morning meeting activities in the classroom. Morning
meetings are a school-wide classroom management strategy that meets kids' social-emotional learning needs regularly. Every morning, teachers assemble their students in a circle for 15 to 30 minutes to socialize and start the day. This classroom management technique is a fantastic help for us teachers as we transition students to their goals in class. I can tell which students require more time to code-switch
their feelings into a learning mindset, transforming negative emotions into positive ones.

In my eight years of teaching at CCHS, I've noticed that kids who are emotionally preoccupied with
unnecessary thoughts are unable to comprehend the concept being taught and it is challenging for them to retain the information.

To assist the students, I allow them time to process their feelings/thoughts that were unrelated to the
classroom discussion and be ready once they are inside the classroom, or I explained their role
through pre- or post-class discussion. Then, tell them that there is a time for everything, and to set aside
what initially bothers them and focus on the purpose of their coming to school and deal with their other
thoughts another time.

I believe success occurs when you have a positive attitude, choosing to love, and be cheerful in all that
you do. Being happy and contented in our daily interaction leads to great things in this world, no matter
how challenging the circumstances are.

Proverbs 15:13 says: "A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit."

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