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Science Fun!

Mar. 17, 2013By: Tammy Vosika

Friction, motion, and static electricity are just a few of the topics we've been learning about lately in science!  It is EXTREMELY difficult to teach about static electricity in Cebu's very humid climate.  There are no flannel sheets to show off sparks, rubbing your feet on the carpet doesn't do anything, and even rubbing balloons in your hair doesn't always produce the desired effect.  But along with the help of the air conditioned library, we have been attempting to see or feel a little bit of static electricity.  The kids were extremely excited on Friday when the balloons finally "worked".  

DSC02223Friction and motion are easier topics to tackle!  After discussing them for a week, we had some fun with the "tablecloth" pull.  We started simple with just a small piece of paper and a marker.  Soon we moved up to using a large piece of paper and several dishes, bowls of water, pencil boxes, and other things.  The kids loved it, but I had to make sure to tell them NOT to try it at home!!

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