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CCHS Christmas Play: “The Great Christmas Giveaway!”

Dec. 24, 2023By: Cris Tabra (principal)

Praise the Lord! After three years CCHS is back on having our Annual Christmas Play. 


The pandemic has allowed us to slow down on a lot of events that require big gatherings at school. Our students have very minimal exposure to the stage in terms of acting and singing. We have been looking forward to this day when we can have big events like this.

One of our third grade students did an excellent job as one of the major casts in the play. She is generally known to be selective about the people she talks to or even refuses to say anything to anyone she meets but during the play, she stands out and does an amazing job in portraying her character. On top of that, she was asked to sing a solo part on the day of the play because one of our soloists could not make it to the big event.


Our rapper rocked the Union Church Hall that night when he started singing his part. He sounds like an impressive singer but he is usually quiet during regular days.

All of our students performed at their best during the event. Each of them played a significant role in making the event a big success. The preschoolers and the kindergartens were all awake and enjoying their evening.

It was an honor to work with all the teachers who patiently encourage our students to do their part well when they sing, when say their lines, and when they are on stage. For the entire production crew I salute you for all your hard work and creativity.


Our audience, our CSC family and friends, for those who came and celebrated with "The Great Christmas Giveaway: The Gift Goes On!" Christmas Play you are always a source of inspiration.

We give God the glory and honor for the success of the said event.

I am appreciative of what CCHS has accomplished during our Christmas Play!

What about you what are you most proud or appreciative of this year?

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