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In the golden morning light as the world begins to awake
We welcome you to our school with a warm and glad decree,
Your spirits rose to such heights during the sun-kissed days of summer.
Now, in the embrace of our school, we will soar to the skies together.
There seems to be a passion in every heart,
With backpacks full of aspirations and unbridled curiosity.
We'll spend the day learning as we read enthralling stories
With heroic characters who are strong and courageous.
We'll develop and play our role, like blossoms, fresh and green,
In numbers, shapes, and art, as well as in wonders yet unseen
In the magnificent flood of learning, teachers stand
At your side, holding and guiding each tiny hand.
Therefore, let the bells ring out in a chorus of delight,
Saying, "Welcome back, my dear," in the midst of insight.
May knowledge fill your heart, in this magnificent school hall,
To the beginning of a new chapter so welcome one and all!


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