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Profession with Purpose

Aug. 2, 2022By: Shiela Mae Prieto

I am an instructional assistant, in which my primary job is to assist the preschool teacher
in handling his class. Here at CCHS, I organize the learning materials, preparing supplies for the lesson plan and straightening up the classroom, helping the preschool teacher in managing the class and supporting him in planning and presenting lessons. To be one is such a great privilege. With those devoirs, I am also given a wonderful and special task – handling 7 adorable and endearing toddlers (ages 2-3). I've been teaching these little ones since November 2021 up until now.

I've wanted to be a teacher ever since I can remember. For 4 years, I was a teacher to more or less 25 pupils (ages 9-10) in a 4 th grade class at my previous workplace. So, this is my first time to teach toddlers. I love my job and learn more each day. I've read many books about handling toddlers and how to teach these young ones I am passionate about what I do and my day would not be complete if I would miss seeing them and not able to spend time with them even just for a couple of minutes. Their smiles are precious and I love the fact that having them is as sweet as a honeycomb.

Whenever I teach toddlers, I just feel the moment and enjoy every second with them. I love to teach when I am enjoying. I do my best just to make them feel comfortable while they are learning. We all know that these babies love to play and explore a lot of things, even though they cannot communicate well using words. As a teacher, I consider every single minute with them like having a family time which must be filled with genuine laughter and lots of exciting and fun-filled activities.

To be a teacher to these kids is not easy. It is not just simply a responsibility by profession. It is a dream of anyone who is seeking for a joy through shaping young minds and hearts. Yes, toddlers sometimes are not easy to handle with. To be more specific, whenever one of them gets into tantrum, it is not easy to handle him/her especially during class discussions. Good thing, in CSC, we have childcare workers to assist and help deal with these situations. For the child to not disturb the class, they can pull him/her out, of course, with proper and gentle assistance to make sure the kid is still under monitored and well-taken care of. When the child gets better, he/she can join the class again.

There is beauty in teaching. I may face different phases of difficulty about it, but God's strength is enough. His wisdom enables me to do my responsibilities and His love teaches me to see the real beauty in it. And if God has given me the greatest gift a person could ever have, "Salvation through Christ," I can say that He has a purpose for me with this job that I have right now. He had impressed my heart with a desire to love kids and to shape the lives of these adorable young ones. I praise the Lord for giving me this wonderful favor of being a teacher – serving for His glory, His kingdom and for Him alone.

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