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Cleaning and Healing

Oct. 8, 2019By: Alfie Abella (Teacher)

   One day I was kind of overwhelmed from thinking about some of the misbehavior issues I was dealing with in my classroom. When I walked outside I found a glass bottle that was full of dirt. An idea came to my mind. I thought about how the dirt-filled bottle related to the students in my class. I realized that the bottle would not be clean if the dirt stayed inside. The same is true with my students. When they misbehave it's like they're releasing the dirt inside their hearts and minds which came from bad experiences in their childhood. After they release this, they are easier to talk with and are willing to accept help. The students misbehaved because they didn't know how to release their hurt in a more healthy way.

     As a trauma-informed Christian teacher, it is important for me to guide my students in helpful ways to release their "messiness" which can hinder their development as a whole, God-created person. When we clean a filthy glass bottle we let the dirt out of it so we can refill it with clean water. My students need help in processing through and releasing the messy things that have happened to them. Their misbehavior gives me a picture of the hurt they feel inside. I always pray to God for wisdom and strength so I can help my students and I know God has a purpose for me in working with these great kids.


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