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Happy Birthday!

Mar. 4, 2013By: Sandy Swanson

"Happy Birthday!"  is something that we say a lot at CSC.  We work hard to make each birthday a special occassion for  each of our kids.   Really,  all our kids have of their own is their name and their birthday,  most other things have been taken from them. 

We have the big event on the exact date of their birthday....even if that means we have three different birthday parties in one week.    The kids know exactly what to expect.  They like to wear red on their birthday.   Their birthday will be celebrated in their house,  all the staff are invited and each of the kids get to invite two more people...usually one  kid from each of the other two houses, but sometimes they invite their teachers from school. If we happen to have two birthdays on one day that just means the party doubles,  we usually have it outside because all the kids from two houses are included.   Most often the first thing that happens is the kids are presented with a printed copy of all the greetings that were posted on FaceBook for their Birthday - they especially love looking at each of the tiny FaceBook profile photos!  They do read the notes as well.   We always have a rousing (read LOUD) birthday song and lots of table banging (trust me - it goes with the song).   Following that we all have to tell the birthday child "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and expect a "Thankyou" in return.    Then is time for a special prayer for the birthday child,  the child gets to chose a staff person to pray for them.  We are always certain  to thank God for bringing this child to CSC and for each of the talents that we know this child has.  Then...time to eat.   The kids love to have chicken and spaghetti!  Sometimes the menu varies (and that makes the staff happy.)  After everyone has eaten all they want (and that usually does not include vegetables when they get to fill their own plates) it is time for Ice Cream and Birthday Cake, but first they have to have their picture taken with their specially ordered birthday cake.   The birthday child is usually the first one done eating.   The last big event of the evening is getting their gift! They are so excited to get their birthday gift...CSC kids are appreciative and happy with what they receive.  It is a blessing to watch their face as each thing is pulled out of their bags...okay,  clothes usually get tossed aside rather quickly,  but they are happy to wear them the next day!   Then it is time to pack everything back in the birthday bag and bring it upstairs to their bedrooms to find special places to keep each thing (usually that will be in their bed with them for a few nights at least).   Yep,  we love birthdays at CSC.  Each and every one of them.





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