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Science Can Be Funny

Jul. 26, 2018By: Lyrah Catingub (Teacher)


The official school year has begun at CSC! Teacher Lyrah, one of our dedicated and gifted teachers, shared about a science lesson she taught the other day:

Everyone was ready and calm as I stepped into the classroom. The students seemed very excited for the afternoon's discussion entitled "The Scientist and the Science tools."

I asked my students about the science tools and the brainstorming happened like this:

TEACHER: Can you still remember some of the science tools that you learned about last year in your class?

STUDENTS: Yes, Teacher Lyrah!

TEACHER: Tell me about one of those science tools.

STUDENT 1: Teacher, a hand lens.

STUDENT 2: How about a balance?

STUDENT 3: A measuring cup.

STUDENT 4: Thermometer!

TEACHER: WOW! You are really thinking about these tools. What are some others?

I called on one student who hadn't answered yet.

TEACHER: Okay, what is it?

He was very hesitant about his tool and just smiled again.

STUDENT 5: Teacher, how about a telecopter?

He was laughing so hard because he mentioned the tool in a different way. Everyone in the class was puzzled about his answer.

STUDENT 1: What do you mean a telecopter?

Student 5 laughed so hard and kept on saying the word telecopter.

STUDENT 5: (laughing) Teacher, what I mean is a telescope not a telecopter!

TEACHER: A telecopter? That word is a combination of a telescope and a helicopter. Isn't it?

He laughed and said: " Yes, teacher because we use a telescope to see the stars and other flying objects like helicopters."

Then I remembered the time last year when I showed them a telescope and we talked about how it worked.

Everyone in the classroom was amazed with his great new word invention!

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