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Learning and Getting Inspired

Our kids at the Children of Hope School love to read. During the first few weeks they spent some of their time reading the bulletin boards prepared by the teachers. This quotation is posted in one of the classrooms. One student happened to read this quote and responded:


Student: Teacher, why is education the most powerful weapon for changing the world?

Teacher: Of course, education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world because through education we can alleviate poverty, easily find jobs, and create a better society.

As I was trying to think about what other things I could say to help explain this concept the student, still looking intently at the quote, then said:

Student: Teacher, why don't we put Jesus as the most powerful weapon for changing the world?

I couldn't contain my joy as I heard the student utter those words! My heart was delighted as I affirmed what the student said. This student was looking at the much bigger and much brighter picture of this world. Sometimes, as we teachers try to inspire the kids with our lives, we often end up learning and getting inspired by them. As I teach at CHS this year I am excited for more inspiring conversations with the kids.

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