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Awesome responsibility

Apr. 11, 2017By: Paul Healy

We've been at this ministry for a long time - almost 38 years. We've taken in manyMarthon babies over the years, some of them newborns, some just a few hours old. This guy was four days old when we got him. It is awe inspiring to take responsibility for such a tiny, vulnerable little one. We accept that responsibility for several reasons. First, its what we do. We provide a home to the homeless, and that includes all ages of kids fr0m all different situations in life, like this little guy whose birth mom just couldn't provide for his needs. Second, we say "yes" to this  boy because we have confidence in our child care staff and our nurses. They are experienced, loving and dedicated. We know that they will give him the best care possible. If he needs medical interventions we will provide that - medicines, doctors visits, hospitalization, surgery, whatever might be needed. 

In spite of years of experience taking in newborns, we continue to be humbled by what it means to open our home to such a tiny little guy who is totally dependent on us. Your prayers and financial gifts give us the confidence to do it. Thank you. 

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