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Banquet Excitement

Mar. 30, 2017By: Paul Healy

As banquet preparations move into full swing in Minnesota, the staff and workers here in Cebu are also getting excited for the big event. We know how much work goes into the evening, and how important it is to CSC. We are involved in some of the planning, in preparing the media and in praying for the banquet. Some of us have been to past banquets and know how much fun it is and how our friends and supporters enjoy getting together and celebrating this ministry. We are there in spirit.

I remember last year we were crowded in the office conference room early on Sunday morning to watch the banquet live via Skype. We knew what was going to happen and had already seen the videos and slide shows. But hearing the spoken words and getting a feel for the energy in the room was moving for all of us. When the banquet total was announced (a record for CSC banquets!) there was a gasp in the room, followed by shouts of joy and many tears. We are together with our stateside staff and all you supporters who make this ministry possible. You won't see us on the 22nd at Bethel, but you still might feel our presence in the Robertson Center. 

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