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Math Girls

Feb. 28, 2013By: Lindsay Ostrom


I never loved math as a student, but every year my love for teaching math grows a little bit more. And this year my love for teaching math is at an all time high because of my hard working and motivated students! I have never had students who are so excited to not only know if they got it right or wrong, but WHY they got it right or wrong. Sometimes they interrogate me - in a good way - "Why, teacher Lindsay? Can you show me number 6 again?" It's like a teacher's dream come true.


Not only do they love to work on their assignments in class, they will gladly accept homework and even get excited about "extra challenge" assignments. They truly hunger for knowledge and academic challenge, and it's such a privilege to be their teacher.

They even sing songs about math!


I'm so proud of these girls. :)

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