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Oct. 26, 2016By: Shari Reasoner

Hibiscus are blooming outside the school library windows.  Gold, yellow, red, pink, and white.  These vibrant tropical plants flourish in this hot, humid climate.  In colder environs like Minnesota where I live most of the year, some people buy potted hibiscus plants in the summer and nurture them along outside before maybe trying to keep them alive during the winter months inside.  But here in Cebu they grow like weeds into lush large plants that bloom almost constantly. 


I guess that is sort of like what we do with a lot of things in life.  We nurture some things along that need more attention and we leave other things alone.  And that changes over time.  People, projects, jobs.  

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to know exactly how to tend to or nurture a person or situation.  It takes prayer, teamwork and wisdom.  Lately some kids have needed more attention during school hours as they wrestle with making choices in positive ways.  I guess that’s s bit like Uncle Al (in the green hat) tending to the hibiscus plants.  A little pruning here, a little pruning there.  Something we all need every now and then. 



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