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Can it be?

Oct. 14, 2016By: Paul Healy

Can it really be that Carmelita Baya will not be working Baya__Carmelit86750b625c1for CSC in a few weeks? Since 1985 she has been an integral part of our team here in Cebu. She is the first Social Worker we ever hired, and has been such a strong and vital advocate for our children for 31 years. She has traveled throughout the Philippines in managing the cases of our children. She has escorted children to the United States and been to Japan to represent CSC. Everywhere she goes she exudes love for our children and dedication and perseverance. So many of our children are in families today because of the work of Carmelita. For the past months she has been mentoring our new social workers who will strive to carry on the tradition of quality that she brought to CSC. She has so much knowledge and experience that it will be impossible to  replace her. We thank dear Carmelita for all her great work over the years. She has inspired all of us here in Cebu.

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