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Sep. 4, 2016By: Paul Healy

Change is a part of life here at CSC. The ministry has undergone tremendous change since our initial band of pioneers started the ministry in 1979. We have grown tremendously, have added facilities and services and have expanded our work force from an inital six to about 130. We have professionals working in child development, social work, education, accounting, nursing and physical and occupational therapy. And thing change from month to month with new staff coming on board, others moving on and some going on furlough. 

Change is a necessary part of doing a ministry like ours. We need to constantly be improving our programs and services. We recently hired a Social Work Director here in Cebu, Klaris Cabansal, to head up the Social Work department, supervise our three other social workers,  write and edit social case study reports, and work with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Inter-Country Adoption Board on behalf of CSC. We are also hiring people in Child Development and Human Resources. We are currently trying to hire two therapists, as well. We want to upgrade all of our departments and improve all our services to the children. So change is important.

In spite of this, when asked about the secret to our success over the years, I always say that we have been successful because we have not changed. We are still doing the same basic thing that we set out to do back in 1979. We are taking care of children who do not have families. When people think about CSC they know exactly what it is we do. (That's one reason we don't have to produce new brochures every few years!) And next month and next year it will still be the same. In a changing world, with shifting values and constantly evolving technologies, economic and political landscapes and donor expectations, we still take care of children who do not have families. We have more kids, and we do a better job of caring for them, but our basic program is the same.   

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