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Taking time for God

Jul. 28, 2016By: Paul Healy

DSC02145_1It isn't often that we can assemble all our employees in one place at the same timel And we didnt accomplish that the other night at the school. But we did get half of them at a time for a spiritual emphasis program that featured visitors from Cambridge, MN, Erna Ahlmann, a former CSC resident who is volunteering at our school this summer, and former Head Nurse Warlita Manlon. The services, planned by Joel Reasoner and myself, started after school on Tuesday, July 26, and again at 6:00 pm, with a nice meal served in between. Dan and Andrea DeRushia from the First Baptist Church in Cambridge, MN, who are visiting CSC with Dennis and Sharon Eicher, led the singing, Rianne Nijzink of our staff sang "Children Need the Lord," and Erna Ahlmann gave a testimony of her life before, during and after CSC, which was a great encouragement to our workers. This was reinforced as Dan sang a special number and talked about how impressed he was with their work and dedication. Warlita talked about Moses, the first adopted child in biblical history and the way that god spared him and blessed those who cared for him. She finished with a short salvation message.

We are concerned with the spiritual health of our workers, and these services were inspiring and faith-building as they consider their important roles in the ministry of CSC.



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