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Saying Yes and No

Jul. 19, 2016By: Paul Healy

We've taken in a few new kids in recent days. And we have had to say no to a few referrals, too. The fact is that we can't help every child who needs us. That is easy to say but tough to live with when the child is especially needy. But we only have so many beds, so much personpower and so much money. Sometimes its a matter of timing. Maybe we could have said "yes" to the tiny premature baby in the government hospital who needs an incubator and one-on- one care, probably for months, if the referral had come before we took in the malnourished baby from the other government hospital in town. He also needs one on one care. But we could say "yes" to two small sisters who were abandoned in downtown Cebu City and who were living in a drop-in center with other street kids. And we were able to take in a brother and sister who were living in the city dumpsite and whose parents were nowhere to be found. There is a lot of joy at CSC when we are able to take in new children. Not for the circumstance that led to our being needed for them, but for the opportunities to make crucial interventions in their lives and reverse some of the fear, abuse or malnutrition that they have endured. Thanks to the deal people who stand with us as we admit these kids to CSC, providing the material and prayer support that helps change their lives for the better.

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