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Precious memories

Jun. 17, 2016By: Paul Healy

The other day I was attending a seminar sponsored by the International Justice Mission. While waiting for the session to start I was surprised to hear someone call my name. It was a young lady whose face was familiar but whose name I could not retrieve. After a few minutes I realized that she was from Bulacao, where we first started our ministry, and part of one of the first families that we came to know and help there. She was so warm and friendly, and talked about those days in Bulacao. She remembered all the staff members from those days. Then she said something that brought tears to my eyes. She said, "I found Jesus through your ministry." She remembered how we started a Bible study in our home for neighbors and acquaintances in the neighborhood, and how we offered assistance to families who were struggling. Since she was one of 11 children in her family, we had reached out to them with various types of help, and we invited the kids to come to Bible School in our mission home. She recalled how we sponsored her and her siblings to go to camp, and how it was there that she accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour. What a blessing to hear her pour out memories and thanksgiving. She told how most of her family are Christians, and one brother is a pastor. She is married to a pastor and is employed as a social worker with IJM. We certainly cannot claim any responsibility for her successes in school and professionally, or for her conversion to Christ. That was the result of her parents' hard work and sacrifice and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. But it was fun to hear how our efforts 37 years ago are appreciated and meant a lot to this family. Thanks to God for directing our steps for these years and bringing people into our lives that needed what we had to give.

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