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The Miracle of Walking

Apr. 9, 2016By: Shari Reasoner

A little toddler boy goes walking down the hallway during the school day pushing a cart.  It looks cute and some people pause to watch.  If you didn't know the back story, you wouldn't really think twice about it except that he seems a bit young to be at school.  Maybe you'd wonder why he is pushing the cart or why he is wearing ankle weights.  Otherwise, it wouldn't seem all that significant. 

Back up a couple of years.  This little guy had some significant troubles when learning how to walk, so the therapists started physical therapy to help strengthen his legs. The therapists kept working with the little guy and he started to make small gains.  Then, when he had enough strength and coordination to stand and walk with assistance, they had the idea of making a suspension harness.  What a cool contraption!  And the little guy got really good at walking and even running in that thing. 

Now the next step to becoming stronger and more coordinated while walking needed a new kind of aid, something like a walker that old people use sometimes.  So a cart was made just the right size and weight to be able to move around, but still provide some support.  To make the exercise even more beneficial, ankle weights were added to the mix. 

So that's the cute, excited toddler with the blue cart and weights on his legs walking around school each day.  It's taken a lot of hard work and ingenuity, but it's been worth it.  Look at him go!    

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