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Don't count anybody out

Mar. 8, 2016By: Paul Healy

bannernewCSC kids have overcome huge odds to get where they are today. Never count them out. Our children include a girl who suffered burns over much of her body, including her hands, but who is amazing everyone with her dexterity, her dogged determination and her zest for life. We have a boy who had multiple major surgeries including brain surgery, before he was a year old. Today he is running around the house, impressing everyone with his ability to communicate and to run around the playground with the kids his age. We have a girl who came to us as a malnourished baby who was way behind developmentally, and who the doctors told us would probably never walk. She is walking. Very well, thank you. We have a boy who was badly abused and didn't have the self confidence to speak, much less be able to learn or join in activities at school. Now he is participating in school plays, is learning to communicate with adults and his peers, and was recently able to join the other big kids at camp.

No, never count any of our kids out. In fact, we should never give up on anybody. With a loving, healing God, and people like our therapists, nurses, houseparents, teachers and staff, there is always hope.CSC is all about hope.

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