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Who's most important?

Feb. 20, 2013By: Matt Buley

Last night I got to the shelter in time to chat with the kids before prayers and bed time. For some reason, one group of girls had all kinds of questions about what employees fit where and who's "in charge" of whom. I began to wonder if I needed to get the org chart out. We seem to be raising a lot of management consultants right now (or a group of experts at delaying bedtime). 

I wasn't sure what to think about the questions and was hesitant to answer. The hierarchy didn't seem all that important, and I wondered why they would care.

But then, why wouldn't they? This is their home, and I suspect behind all of this is an underlying question that goes something like, "we can trust all of you, right?" They want to know who will take care of them, who will sacrifice for them and who will always be there. I think I could go through that org chart and check every name off when it comes to meeting those criteria. I'd put this team up against any other, anywhere.

Eventually the questions turned into who was more important and that's where I stopped them. You might know how easy that was to answer. "You are, girls. You are the reason all of us are here, you are the reason our jobs matter, you are the ones who make this important."

That answer had the advantage of being true...and getting them to go to bed.

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