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On their coattails

Feb. 26, 2016By: Matt Buley

Amy mentioned the other day that our kids were bursting at the seams to start the biannual camp, put on by one of our most faithful supporting churches. I happen to be friends on Facebook with a couple of the team members, and it's fun to see their pictures from Cebu City.

It struck me as I was looking at a few of these pictures that for some of the team members this is the trip of a lifetime. They're nearly 10,000 miles from home, on the other side of the globe, on a small tropical island that is very different from "back home" in Minnesota. Around every corner they see something new, witnessing a way of life that is at times completely different from the ones they lead.

I have no doubt each of them would say they got to participate in something incredible--that they were able to sacrifice a little--because others had sacrificed a lot. We are built on those sacrfices in this work, and we stand on their coattails. I think of the house parents who raised their own family surrounded by a larger family of kids they were surrogate parents to. I think of the missionaries who started our work, and others who continue our ministry far from home. I think of our Education Director who travels for long stints to do her job. Each of them make CSC possible, and make CSC better.

I often observe that the greatest relational question we ask of someone is, "can I count on you?" We want to know, when push comes to shove, if someone will really be there for us. CSC counts on some amazing people. I thank God our employees do what they do, and honor his call on their lives.

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