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The Campers are Ready!

Feb. 21, 2016By: Amy Pacada

There has been an excitement going around CSC for the past few weeks.  Every other year in February a work team from Minnesota comes and does a camp with the older kids at CSC.  They get to ride a bus and travel to camp. Once at camp it is four days of fun, fun, fun!  The kids get to hear from Gods word, swim, sing, play silly games, eat good food, have camp fires, hang out with really cool people, and so much more.  It is definitely an experience the kids never forget!

Camp is approaching this week but the kids have had their bags packed for awhile already.  Those who have been to camp before have shared with their new friends at CSC all about it. Our work team arrived within the last few days and everyone is ready!  

A big thank you to our work team for coming and giving our kids such a special experiences! Please keep our kids and work team in your prayers as they are off at camp this coming week and weekend.

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