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Feb. 9, 2016By: Lindsay Hoeft




  • 1. a curved flat piece of wood that can be thrown so as to return to the thrower, traditionally used by Australian Aborigines as a hunting weapon


  • 1. (of a plan or action) return to the originator

Over the last few years, former CSC children have been returning for visits with increasing frequency.  Some families have brought their children back to the country of their birth, and to see one of their first homes, for a heritage tour.  Other children---actually young adults now---have made the journey on their own, for a more independent experience.

One former child, who was the youngest ever to leave for adoption (at age 9 months) requested to celebrate his 10th birthday with the kids of CSC; it was his birthday wish!  Another young lady, who was adopted as a toddler, was here this past October.  She is now a senior in college, studying Early Childhood Development, and wanted to return to CSC to see firsthand how the children of CSC are cared for and loved on, since she was one of them too!  Last month, CSC was happy to have one of its very first children return for her 3rd visit back to CSC; this time she and her husband were excited to show their little girl where her mom came from.  And most recently, about 2 days ago, CSC welcomed back a young boy who left as a toddler exactly 4 years ago.  His family brought him back to once again play on the playground with some of the same kids he used to play with (though he made plenty of new friends too!) and to spend time with his former houseparents.

For each returning child, their story is of course uniquely theirs.  They all have different circumstances that bring them to CSC and they all have different life experiences once they leave CSC.  However, there is a pull, like that of a boomerang, for many kids to return to CSC.  To see a place that they might only have pictures of but for which they have no vivid memories.  They want to see first-hand former caregivers that put band-aids on their skinned knee, read stories to them or rocked them to sleep at night. 

CSC is happy to welcome back former kids because really, once you are in the CSC family, you are always in the CSC family!


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