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Teen Home

Feb. 19, 2013By: Amy Pacada

It's been awhile since we have talked about the Teen Home.  I thought I would take this time to fill you in.

Edith and Undoy are our houseparents.  Their oldest daughter is married and their youngest daughter lives at the Teen Home with them.

Julieto is 22 and is about to finish his third year of high school.  After taking a couple of years off and working, he decided to go back to school.  We are proud of him and how hard he is working in school.  He has a great attitude and is liked by all.  

Milbert is 17 and in his third year of high school.  He is involved in church with praise and worship and continues to love music.  He is activitely involved in the church youth group!  Milbert and Julieto are both looking forward to prom this coming Friday night.

Maria is 35 already and continues to live at the Teen Home.  She goes to school 2 afternoons a week to work on daily living skills.  She works at the shelter and also at the local grocery store 2 days a week.  Maria loves spending time with her friends and enjoys greeting people as they shop at the grocery store.  

Arleen is 29 now.  She continues to love music.  She is hoping to volunteer at the Braille center this next school year.  In her free time, she continues to practice piano and singing.  She is hoping to take more music lessons in the near future.  She would love to give private music lessons.  She is an encouragement to each of us.

Roselyn is 25 and in her third year of college.  She is majoring in Christian education.  She enjoys school.  She also enjoys teaching Sunday School on Sundays and working with kids.  We are so proud of Roselyn.  She maintains a positive attitude in all of her endeavors.   

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