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Feb. 5, 2016By: Shari Reasoner

Kurume Christ Church, hence KCC, is a church in the city of Higashi Kurume in the greater Tokyo area in Japan.  KCC is significant for a number of reasons, but one reason is that it is the only church in Asia that supports CSC on an on-going basis.  Kurume Christ Church became aware of CSC many years ago through the friendship of Paul and Shari Reasoner and Taizo and Kimiko Morimoto.  Taizo is the pastor of Kurume Christ Church.  Pastor Morimoto wanted his church members to broaden their experience of helping people in need, so he suggested a team of people go to Cebu to see the shelter.  Since that initial trip, a number of people who attend KCC have visited and volunteered at the shelter.  A nurse came to help the nurses at the shelter,  t-shirts were given to all of the workers and children at the shelter, a high school student volunteered in the medical department to enhance her pursuit of a career in medicine, and the church sponsors CSC children through the Foster Friends program.   So KCC has been creative in its involvment with CSC. 

Next week the Reasoner clan in Cebu (Joel, Jinkee, Ethan, Shari and Paul) is heading up to Japan to visit friends, family, Morimotos, and KCC.  It will be great to update and thank the church people in person for their continued support of the shelter.  

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