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Back to School!

Jan. 8, 2016By: Amanda Kliora

After two weeks of Christmas break, the students are back to school! Freshly sharpened pencils and new units are all a part of getting back into the routine of school. In our class, we began a new reading unit:  “Survival”. The students were very excited to see new books in our classroom library that were about our reading theme.  When the students have free time after completing their work, they are encouraged to read books from the classroom library.  As a teacher, I like to set goals for what I want to see my students achieve. In this unit, I wanted them to have the opportunity to read more chapter books. I intentionally placed more chapter books in our classroom library with the hope that they would challenge themselves. Well, after a week of being back in the classroom, several students were up to the challenge! Two students have already successfully finished one chapter book and are planning on starting a new one next week! Other students are working on finishing the books they have started. These students are bringing these books to read during snack time and are often reading interesting passages out loud to each other.  The best part? They are discovering that they actually enjoy reading and finding out what kinds of stories most interest them.  I would say that after a long break, we have had success in coming back to school. 



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