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Dec. 21, 2015By: Megan Arneson

Homework can be such a drag....even for the kids at CSC.  And can I please get a refresher on genotypes?  I mean really, who needs that in social work?  I recently was asked, "Auntie Megan, do you know how to do this one?"  A worksheet gets shoved in my face and I'm staring at a grid of four boxes with a few capitalized "A's" and a few lowercase "a's."  I barely made it with a passing grade when I had to learn that years ago!

20151209_183856[1]One night recently, when I was on duty, multiplication was a prominent feature in the homework department.  I was helping one girl who was struggling with 2-digit multiplication.  I actually don't think she was having that difficult of a time, but was more annoyed that she had makeup work due to missing class the day before.  So 2x the homework (see what I did there?) in one evening.  But together we worked through it...even after about 30 minutes of her splayed out on the floor, crying, pushing herself and her chair outside, or hiding under the table.  Perseverance friends.  When it was bedtime, I had to convince her to stop, put the assignment away, and that she would need to finish in the morning since she wasted time whining about her homework.  I think this was just a ploy to try staying up later.

The next time I was in that house as bantay?  Division here we are!  This was much easier and definitely faster.  Other kids occasionally have it easy and don't have homework.  They tend to spend their evening hanging out, reading, or playing games.  Most of the kids are pretty good about focusing, but there are still bouts of distraction and avoidance.  Gotta take the good with the bad and just try to make the most of it!  So here's to brushing up on my math skills and renewing my ability to find patience and negotiate! 20151209_191608[1]

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