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Gifts for a King

Dec. 3, 2015By: Amanda Kliora

Christmas is coming! All of the children are becoming more excited as each day passes. During Christmas, we remember the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We think about giving and receiving gifts as we remember the most precious Gift to this world.

Each of the students at the Children of Hope School were asked what they want to give Jesus for Christmas. Here are a few of their responses:

A"Dear Jesus, My gift for you Jesus is I will dance."

B"Dear Jesus, My gift for you is a flower."

C "I will give Jesus my heart."

D"Dear Jesus, I will give my love to you."

E"I will give Jesus a house."

F"love my friends"

G"Dear Jesus, I will honor you with my voice."

H"obey the teachers"

I"I will give Jesus my life. I will also give Him my talent to draw."

J"My gift for Jesus is I want to be a missionary and to spread the word of God."

K"I will give Jesus a crown."

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