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What's in a Name?

Nov. 29, 2015By: Shari Reasoner

Heart, a new girl, came to the shelter the other day and I was immediately struck by her name.  It’s different.  And it seems like there might be a story behind the name.  I wonder what it is. 

There is often a reason behind why a name is chosen for a child.  Maybe you know the story behind your name.  Sometimes parents just liked the name.  Sometimes it was chosen to remember a family member or carry on a tradition.  Other times a name is picked for its meaning. 

Of course, most of the kids at CSC have names already when they arrive at the shelter.  The variety of the names is kind of fascinating.  There are plenty of “normal” names like Grace, Cris, Mark, Carlo, Hannah, Raphael, and Juliet.  There are also names that are a bit more unusual or less common like Chosar, Trexie, Jemarie, and Lerma.  Many families in the Philippines seem to like to name children using alliteration, so there have been lots of sibling groups with names all starting with the same first letter like seven kids with all “M” names, six kids with all “J” names. Then there is the fairly common practice of naming twins with the same or very similar first names and different second names like Nina Kylie and Nina Kaye or Marky and Marty with the accent on the second syllable.  

Some of the babies are named after arriving at the shelter because they do not have a name yet. Sometimes, if a child has been abandoned, we do not know the full name and are unsuccessful in finding out the child’s name.  Princess Apple got her name because she was found on a boat bearing that name.  One little boy knew his first name, but not his last name and efforts to find out proved unsuccessful, so he was given the last name of Maxilom for the street where he was found.  One girl told me she liked her name a lot because it was a combination of her birth parents’ first names. 

Names have stories behind them, reasons why a name was chosen for a child.  Our names make us unique.  I wonder what the story is behind Heart’s name. 


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