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Hapit na Christmas

Nov. 17, 2015By: Amy Pacada

Hapit na Christmas

This is the phrase going around CSC right now.  The word is out that Christmas will soon be here.  The kids are busy writing their Foster Friend letters, practicing for the school, and church Christmas play and program. They are all talking among each other about what they hope Santa will bring them this year.

The workers at CSC are getting in their last few days of vacation for the year to make sure they have time to spend with their families this holiday season. The teachers are busy in school with classes and Christmas program practice.

Many of the staff and CSC employees are busy starting to think about and prepare for the upcoming Christmas activities. I thought I would share with you what we all participate in here at CSC.  The workers party is on December 5.  This is a fun evening for all of our CSC workers with each department sharing a song or dance, a meal together, prizes and an encouraging message.

The following Saturday we will be having the CSC Outreach Party. This is a day for former CSC kids to come back to CSC and enjoy a meal together, games, a message from God’s word and a Christmas gift.  We look forward each year to seeing some of our former kids who have gone back to live with their birth families.

The kids will be performing the Little Drummer Boy for their school Christmas program this year. They are already busy working on the music and their lines.

The Progressive Dinner is an evening when the kids get to eat at each of the Missionary Staff houses. A different course is had at each house along with part of the Christmas story being shared.  At the end of the evening we all meet back up at the shelter for cinnamon rolls shaped into a Christmas tree.

On Christmas Eve Santa always seems to find his way to CSC and deliver a gift for each of the kids.  The kids look forward to this evening for weeks and weeks.  After they open their gifts they get to stay up late and watch fireworks and have a special snack at midnight.

Christmas Day we have a formal meal of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit and sugar cookies outside with all of the kids.  After the meal, the adults share the Christmas story with the children including a live manger scene.  It is always a joy to share the story of Christ’s birth with each of the kids at CSC.

We have a lot of fun at CSC during Christmas time.  It is our prayer that amidst all the fun and busy times the kids would experience in a deeper way what Christ's birth means for each of them.  Pray that each of us would be able to explain that clearly through our words and actions this Christmas season!

It is easy to get caught up in all of the Christmas excitement.  Let us all remember to be thankful for all the blessings God has given us as we celebrate Thanksgiving next week.  Giving thanks for God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives. Remembering to thank Him for sending His Son.  The reason we celebrate Christmas! 

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