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Books are the Source of Knowledge

Nov. 19, 2015By: Lyrah Catingub (Teacher)

            Books are the source of knowledge and one of the fundamental tools in imparting knowledge to learners. This is how I define books and I experienced a memorable and significant lifetime event that I will treasure forever.

            Level B Group 2 students were preparing to share their learning during the morning meeting, so they decided to present a poem titled, “If You’re Not From the Prairie”.  Everyone was able to memorize the poem and they presented it in the front of everybody.  This poem left a strong impression of all of the students, especially the Level B1 Group 1 students.

            Later on in the afternoon, I opened the door to the classroom for my last class.  This is the toughest class each day.  When I walked in, I was surprised and puzzled.  Everyone was holding their reading books, but this was science class! All at once, the students started reading in a loud voice, “Teacher Lyrah, if you’re not from the prairie, you don’t know the sun!  If you’re not from the prairie, you don’t know me!” 

            This group of kids have just started using this particular reading text and are on the first unit in the book.  The prairie poem is in the last unit of the book, so is challenging for the kids to read and understand.  But somehow they had been inspired by the poem when it was presented during the morning meeting. They wanted to share their excitement. 

            I smiled and praised them for reading the poem. One student said,” Teacher Lyrah, we have your book!  Remember? If you’re not from the prairie, you don’t know the sun.”

            I encouraged them to continue to read and learn from their reading. There are a lot of moral stories that they can learn from the book.            

            I learned something that day.  Kids have many talents and thoughts.  We, as teachers and adults, should look for and encourage the children to grow, knowing they have innate and hidden talents.  And the children are just starting to bloom.

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