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A Nice Evening for Ginda

Nov. 9, 2015By: Marcel Pacada

Last weekend we celebrated Ginda's 29th birthday in the Duterte home.  Ginda was thrilled to have so many wonderful friends at her party to celebrate with her. Some friends of CSC from Cebu also came and provided a lechon baboy for the evening. 
Ginda made a grand entrance in a beautiful blue dress and purple bag. The house was decorated with blue and purple tablecloths and balloons to match.  It was definitely Ginda's night!  She knew it and could not stop smiling!  Everyone could sense Ginda's excitement!
Birthday parties are a lot of fun at CSC. A big thank you to all of our friends and supporters who helped make Ginda's party and so many other birthday parties at CSC so special for the CSC kids!


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