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The End of Second Quarter

Nov. 6, 2015By: Amanda Kliora

We are halfway through the year at the Children of Hope School!  This past week marked the end of second quarter. Students were diligently reviewing and preparing for their quarterly exams at the end of the week.  Teachers were busy writing tests and helping their students review content they had learned over second quarter.

The idea of taking quarterly exams can be stressful for some students.  Still, they persevere.  Below is a picture of a student finishing her science test.  The test was challenging for her, but instead of giving up, she took the time to review each question carefully. She asked questions when she needed clarification. This student has come a long way since the beginning of the school year.  She is learning to be patient with herself when she doesn’t understand the material.  She is learning to ask for help.  When she finally came to the last question on the test, she looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh! Teacher! I know this one!”  Ending her test with confidence was the best way for her to end second quarter.

This school year seemed to fly by so quickly! I can hardly believe how far we have come since June!  Please continue to pray for teachers and students as we begin the second half of the school year.



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