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Teachers Learning

Oct. 27, 2015By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Teachers put in years of hard work learning in college to prepare themselves to step into the classroom to teach.  There are many attributes which can characterize a good teacher—knowledge, preparation, enthusiasm, connecting with the students, patience, and on and on.

The ability to learn is one of the attributes that can benefit any teacher.  There are new curriculums, methods, approaches, and theories.  And every year there are new students.

All students are different.  Some are similar in the ways they learn and how fast they understand and absorb knowledge.  Others have a different pace and others need alternate explanations.  A teacher’s ability to learn the best learning style, process, and pace for each student in the class is instrumental in helping the student understand the lesson.

The Children of Hope School teachers are impressive.  There is a range of learning styles represented in the student body and the teachers have been working hard at understanding each student.

Here is one example.  Wilmar is an active teenager who is still learning the sounds of each letter.  His focus is easily broken and he sometimes has a hard time sitting still. However, he is enthusiastic about most things and is great at memorizing melodies and lyrics of songs.   His confidence in front of a group of people has helped the adults around Wilmar to realize his learning capabilities and potential.

Wilmar’s class needed to put on a presentation for Buwan ng Wika, just like all the other classes.  They chose to do a dance.  Wilmar has trouble following set choreography and usually makes up his own moves.  How does a teacher handle a student who struggles to follow set steps of dance, but is great in musical settings?  Watch to see Teacher Alfie’s solution to help Wilmar’s class put on a good presentation with the participation of all students.


From big performances to basic classroom instructions, the teachers of Children of Hope School are meeting the students each and every day, learning how to guide them. 

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