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  • I will keep my promises.
  • I will not make excuses.
  • I will do all my work to the best of my ability.
  • I will make things right when I do wrong.
  • I will know my duty and do my duty.

(Character First! Education Series 2, booklet 1)

The statements mentioned above are not early New Year resolutions.  They are some helpful tips students have been learning in order to form responsible habits.

The question is: what is responsibility?  Responsibility means knowing and doing what is expected of me. (Character First! Education Series 2, booklet 1)

Wow! Sounds simple and easy, right?  That’s what the Group 4 Bible Class students thought at first, but they soon realized the words “easier said than done” are quite true.  Amazing!  As their teacher, I never expected those words would come from my young students.

Michelles_picture Great realization kids!  Keep it up!


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