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New Friends

Sep. 28, 2015By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Friends are great!  It is wonderful to know that someone is excited to see you and spend time with you.  You can share stories, ideas, laughter, and so much more.


Within the past two weeks, six new children of arrived at shelter.   They are excited to be here, but also a little apprehensive about the who will be their friends.  Luckily for them, all the other children know exactly what it is like to be the new kid. 


The older girls in Cherne home were having a hard time waiting for their new housemate to come out of isolation.  She had a cough and needed to wait a couple days.  The girls would sit on the stairs to the infirmary and get to know the new girl. 

new_friends_1When she finally was given the all clear to join the home, she was accompanied by her new friends to her new home.


Sometime adults worry about how younger children will get along with each other.  One of the new boys has an older sister.  She is in school all day and he is preschool so he is only in school for a couple hours.  Will he be all right without his sister by his side all afternoon?

new_friends_2With the help of his new friend on the left, there are no worries.


The adults of CSC show love to the children and teach them trust.  Sometimes the adults forget just how much the children can do for each other.  The love and care for fellow children just as important.


Pray the children will continue to share love with their fellow children.  Pray the new children will settle in and make friends.  Pray all the children will be able to feel God’s love for them—whether it is from an auntie or uncle or fellow child.

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