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Conferences: September 2015

Sep. 23, 2015By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Teacher conferences about the students are different at the shelter.  The teachers meet with the house parents and child development team to talk about the academic progress of the children.  I like hearing about the progress and growth of all the children.  The teachers have great insights into the children.  And of course they also have some funny and heartwarming stories to share.  Here are a few for you. 


Conferences_1fa9f09737fThis girl asks the teacher each morning, “What are the things we need to do this morning?”




Conferences_2She is a little teacher, helping explain the lessons to her other classmates.




Conferences_3The teacher says this boy “brings happiness into the class.”  His house father gave him a math word problem on day, “I give you one banana and one mango.  How many fruits to you have now?”  He answers without missing a beat, “Fruit salad!” 



Conferences_4Five students are in the pre-kindergarten class, getting ready to move into kindergarten next year.  They are learning about animals and their babies.  Dogs have puppies.  Cats have kittens.  Pigs babies are piglets.  One of the kids asked the teacher, “What are baby fish called?”  This boy answered the other student, “Fishlets!” 


Conferences_5This student remembers previous topics and connects them to current topics, sometimes interrupting the teacher.  He tries spelling out new words to himself as the teacher is explaining the meaning.  He is enthusiastic about learning and knowing things. 



Conferences_6She does not like holidays because she likes school.




Conferences_7The teacher says, “Her presence makes class enjoyable and challenges other students.”




Conferences_8He is kind-hearted and caring toward his classmates.




Conferences_9She is eager to share her ideas and answers, sometimes before the question is read.  It is hard to answer correctly when the question is not known. 



Conferences_10Many days he can be heard offering help to a classmate, “Let me help you.”




Conferences_11“Her interest in everything in school helps her tackle difficulties.”




Conferences_12The reading challenge just finished and this girl did not win.  Her teacher overheard her say, “The winner, she reads so fast.  I will win next year.”  She is striving to improve.



Conferences_13Science class started learning about natural resources.  This student raised her hand concerned, “What are we going to do when they run out?”  She knows the right question to ask from the beginning.



Here is some of the students' work from the first quarter.  Enjoy!

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