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Biking is Fun

Oct. 19, 2015By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Learning how to ride a bicycle is an early moment of accomplishment and freedom for a child.  It is difficult to balance and pedal all at once while steering to avoid obstacles and other people.  Of course a child will be proud of themselves when they learn how to put it all together to ride a bicycle down the driveway.  Guiding the bicycle where to go starts to give a child an idea of freedom. 


I enjoy riding a bicycle.  I must confess; I have more than one bicycle.  Watching a child wobbling along on two wheels finding their sense of balance brings a smile to my face.  When they finally get the hang of it I will shout for joy along with them. 


This little guy is learning how to balance without the complications of pedaling. 


This guy is hesitantly figuring out how to start from a stand still.


This young lady took a few pointers from me and in an afternoon put it all together.


It is so much riding around!  It is even more fun with puddles!

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